10 Free Unique Fonts

Top 10 Free Unique Fonts

Nowadays, those who are engaged in graphics design and branding related work often find unique free fonts. The importance of fonts is a lot in graphics design. If you want to make your design more attractive, the font will play an important role. We will highlight the top 10 Free Unique Fonts in our blog today.

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You can easily download these unique fonts for free from here. But before using these free unique fonts, you must check its license.

Nikoleta Font

Nikoleta Font Download Free

Nikoleta is a sans-serif typeface inspired by the tall nature of the Bebas Neue font and designed by Boris Garic. This unique font was designed at home for experimental purposes, and now it’s available for personal and commercial use. But, In version 2 of Nikoleta font, you can find 300 characters with ligatures, diacritics, symbols, and more. The free version of Nikoleta font is available on our website. Click the Download Now button below and enjoy this free unique font on your projects or design.

Mr. grieves Font

Mr Grieves Font Download Free

Mr. Grieves is a sans-serif typeface font from Jenny Fox. With its hand-painted style, This free unique font is perfect for display use and very suitable for logos and branding purposes. Mr. Grieves font is free for commercial and personal purposes. You can download now this unique Hand Drawn Brush Font free right from here with a single click. To Download Mr. Grieves font hit the download now button below and enjoy this free unique font.

Kolikö Font

Koliko Font Download Free

Koliko is a unique Sans-Serif font designed by Alex Frukta and published through Fontfirma. With its geometric and clean structure, Koliko font is one of the best plain and elegant unique fonts on our list. You can use this font in headlines, texts, and designing platforms. Koliko font has three styles available- regular, thin/light, and bold. It is free for both personal and commercial use. Free Download is available for Koliko Font on our website with a single click. Hit the Download Now button below and enjoy this amazing unique font.

Arciform Sans Font

Arciform Font Download Free

Arciform is a rounded sans-serif typeface designed by Matt Ellis. Matt Ellis is a Canadian type designer. If you looking for an elegant rounded font for your projects, then Arciform is the best font for you. With its unique character set including, uppercase, lowercase, symbols, numerals, and accents, Arciform comes with only one style. It also is a free font. You can use Arciform font for personal and commercial use. Arciform is the perfect mixture of elegant and unique style. To Free Download this font, Hit the Download Now button below.

Anders Font

Anders Font Download Free

Anders is a multi-line sans serif typeface designed by Tom Anders. It is an experimental project by Tom Anders. Anders is another free unique font that has a classy elegant look. It has also a minimal and modern vibe. Anders is a free font. It is free for personal and commercial use. Free download is available on our website with a single click by hitting the Download Now button below.

Rezland Font

Rezland Font Download Free

Rezland is a free unique decorative font designed by Fraser Davidson. It is one of my favorite in our Top 10 Free Unique Font List. With only lowercase, Rezland has a premium look and style. Its stylish characteristics and on display performance make this font very much popular and user-friendly. Thanks to Fraser Davidson for this unique typeface. Rezland is free for both personal and commercial use. To download the rezland font free, hit the download button given below.

Polya Font

Polya Font Download Free

Polya is a display typeface font designed by Adrien Coquet. It is one of the best free unique font and very popular among the designer. Polya is inspired by low-poly shapes. This font is great for heading. It can attract the audience for its artistic look. The interesting thing is, Polya is a free typeface. You can use the unique Polya font for personal and commercial purposes. Hit the Download now button below and use it to make your works looks better.

Camar Font

Camar Font Download Free

Camar is a sans-serif typeface designed by DonMarciano. It is a unique vintage modern bold font that is perfect for headings, logos, posters, T-shirts, and many more. Camar has a modern vibe that is the main reason for its popularity. With a total count of 187 glyphs, including numbers, punctuations, Camar is very much eye-catchy. It is a freeware font. You can use the free version of Camar Font only for personal use. To download the free version, click the Download Now button, and for premium, click the Buy Font button below.

Nathan Font

Nathan Font Download Free

Nathan is a vintage script font designed by Vultype Co. This font is inspired by modern vintage and retro style. It is the only script font in our Top 10 Free Unique Font list. Nathan is a freeware font. You can use the free version only for personal use. For commercial use, You have to buy the font. If you want to download Nathan font (free version) from our website then, click the Download now button. To Buy The Premium Version of Nathan Font, hit the Buy Font Button below. 

Amax Font

Amax Font Download Free

The last and also one of the best free unique fonts on our list is Amax Font. Amax is a free futuristic display font designed by Harrison Luke. Amax is one of the best fonts for design a logo. You can use this font in any sector of designing platforms. Amax has a great unique and modern look that is why it is one of the best unique fonts. The interesting part is, Amax is a free font. Thanks to Harrison Luke for this amazing typeface. To Download Amax, Click the Download Now button below.

So this was my blog about 10 Free Unique Fonts. I hope you have benefited from this blog. If you like this blog, be sure to share it and comment your valuable feedback in the comments section. Thanks.

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