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Fonts play a vital role in bringing perfection to any design or logo in today’s world. So we often search for the best free fonts on Google. Just in case I come up with a list of some interesting 10 best free fonts that you can easily use in your logo or any other design.

We often say that free fonts are not good, free fonts are not attractive, and so on. But today I will show you the 10 best free fonts for logo design that you can not resist the temptation to download. And the funny thing is, you can easily download these fonts from my website with one click.

Then let’s start without delay.

Mont Font

Mont Font Free Download

Mont is a geometric sans serif typeface designed by Svetoslav Simov, Mirela Belova and published through font fabric foundry. With consisting of 10 weights and 103 language supports, Mont has a balanced characteristic and elegant look. Of the 10 weights of this font, we can use 2 for free. For its pointed “t” and the prominent x-height, Mont is the best font for strong headlines and outstanding logos. Gilroy, Mozer, Remo, and so many fonts are similar to Mont. To Free Download Mont Font, Click the Download Free Button below.

Big Jhon Pro Font

Big John Pro Font Free Download

Big John PRO is a sans-serif typeface designed and shared by Ionic Type. Many of you know about Big John and Slim Joe font. According to Ionic Type, Big John PRO is a logical evolution of Big John and Slim Joe font. It is a completely free font that you can use for personal as well as commercial purposes. We’ve done a lot of research and found many similarities between the League Spartan Bold font and the BigJohn PRO font. If you want to download this best free font for your logo very easily, then click the free download button below.

Moderan Font

Moderan Font Free Download

Moderan font is a display sans serif typeface font designed by Zoki Design. With its bold and modern look, Moderan font is perfect for logo design and branding. You can use this font free for personal use. If you are looking for the best free stylish, strong, and modern font for your company or brand logo, Moderan font will be perfect for you. So don’t delay and download the font by clicking on the download free button below.

Another cool part is, Many brands are using this font as their branding material. That is why you too can easily use Moderan font in your designing or branding work which I told you about at the beginning. So download this font now for free without delay.

Coves Font

Coves Font Download Free

Coves is a sans serif typeface designed by Jack Harvath. In the free version, you will get 2 weights that you can use in your logo or design but of course, you can’t use them without your work. I like its style and shape a lot, you can also use Coves in your logo tagline. Also if someone wants to design an elegant logo then this is the best font for him. If you want to download Coves font for free, click on the download button below. Also, click on the Buy font button for a commercial license. In my opinion, Coves is the best free font for logo design.

Azonix Font

Azonix Font Download

With the bold geometric upper case letters, numbers, and punctuation, Azonix in the 5th font of our list was designed by MixoFX. It is a sans serif typeface. Our team has done a lot of research and found some similarities of Azonix with Connect font. So you can use Connect font instead of Azonix. It is fully a free font. If you want to download now this font right now, hit the Download button below. Azonix is perfect for a logo.

Exodus Font

Exodus Font Download Free

Exodus is a display serif typeface font designed by Andrew Herndon. For its luxurious lines and a smorgasbord of unique alternative characters, Exodus font is one of the best free fonts for logo design. You can also use this font for headings as well as logos. There are two editions of this font, one is Exodus Standard, in which you will get Regular, Bold, Stencil, Stencil Bold, Wide & Wide Bold style and the other is Exodus Display which contains Subtract, Subtract Bold, Shino, Shino Bold, Sharpen, Sharpen Bold, Striped & Striped Bold styles. It is a free font for personal use only. For commercial license click the Buy font button below and to download the free version, Click the Download free button below.

Faune Font

Faune Font Download Free

Faune is a sans serif typeface font designed by Alice Savoie and published through Centre National des Arts Plastiques. It is one of the best free unique fonts on this list. You can use Faune font for personal and commercial purposes. In my opinion, Faune is one of the best logo fonts. To download Faune font, Hit the Download button below and enjoy it in your logo, project, or any design. To make a fancy, elegant logo, Faune is the best free font.

Moon Font

Moon Font Free Download

Moon is a rounded sans serif typeface designed by Jack Harvatt. With its Minimalistic and classy look, Moon font is very perfect for logo and tag line. It has more than 240 characters and supports lots of languages. Moon is free for personal use only. If you want to use moon for commercial purposes, you have to buy it from the owner. To buy Moon Font, Click the Buy Font Button, and for the free version click the Download button below.

Restora Font

Restora Font Free Download

This font is for you if you want to give your logo a vintage look. Restora is a mix of old-style roman serif designed by Nasir Udin. With a family of 16 fonts, italics & swash, Restora can bring the classic retro vibe. So, it is the best choice for a classic logo. You can use 2 of the 16 fonts for free, and that is Thin Italic and ExtraLight. If you want to download the 2 free fonts of Restora with one click, hit the download button below or if you want to buy the Restora full font family, then click on the Buy font button.

Rising Star Font

Rising Star Font Download Free

The only fancy, display font on our list is Rising Star. Rising Star font is designed by Hindia Studio. With a modern monoline script look, this is one of the best fonts for branding, logo design and also versatile & useful both for web and print. Rising Star Font comes with three weights and supports 160 international languages I recommend you guys to use this font only for personal use. If you want to buy this font for commercial use, click the buy font button below, and to download the free version, hit the download font button.

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