Best 17 Free Modern Fonts

Best 17 Free Modern Fonts to Create a unique Design

Free Fancy Fonts For Graphic Design

Selecting the ideal font for the projects is a significant measure, as it might make or break your own layout. The incorrect choice of font may bring down your flyer, poster, or business card, site — virtually anything. We all know that it requires a great deal of time to search for contemporary fonts which will fit your layout, which explains why it’s also very important to own as many contemporary fonts as possible at your disposal!

If you want, you can see some more blog posts on our site related to fonts. Hopefully, we can help you to find the right font.

Now to make it even faster for you to create an incredible design, we’ve presented a huge collection of free modern fonts! More choices mean more pleasure! Utilize these modern fonts for creative typography designs, business logos, site layouts — you choose! There are loads of free professional modern fonts to choose from! So that you can easily select the font of your choice.

Notice: Before we start — be sure to check license information on these popular fonts, so they may be free but some of them require a reference or Might Not Be used for commercial purposes for free, although most of These are

In addition, we wish to be certain to know what”free” actually means in regards to fonts and typography. Form designers occasionally offer their typefaces totally free for both personal and commercial usage. Some just provide it free for individual use and many others provide a demo version using the complete version accessible after purchasing a license.

You can download the free version of the fonts of this post from our site with one click, but please read the license section before using these modern fonts.

Free Modern Fonts

Antic Font:

Antic Font

Author’s Word About Antic Font:

Antic is the consequence of analyzing calligraphic types and is made to be utilized for text. Antic investigates the usage of sans-serif letterforms for text messaging use, maintaining a calligraphic touch located from the serif counterpart,” Clark. The letterforms have a eight-level strain, which can be nearly the exact identical level of my handwriting.

Antic font is sans serif typeface that is designed by Santiago Orozco. This font is a Google Font. The antic font family has 1 variant.


This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.

Antic is a trademark of Type made. The Open Font License is a free software license, and as such permits, the fonts to be used, modified and distributed freely (so long as the resulting fonts remain under the Open Font License).

Free Download this modern font by clicking the button below.

Squada One Font:

Squada One Font

About Squada One Font:

Squada One might be one of the best sans-serif font to produce a lasting impression on any page. Its daring existence and geometric, condensed type permit for placing in almost any circumstance. Squada One may be utilized in any size whilst maintaining smoothness and clarity. The subfamily is Frequent. It is a display, sans serif typeface designed by Joe Prince.


Squada One is a trademark of Admix Designs. This font is licensed under the Open Font License. It is possible to use this openly in your products & jobs – publish or electronic, commercial, or otherwise. But you can not market the Squada font by itself.

Emblema One Font:

Emblema One Font

About Emblema One Font:

Emblema One is motivated by the united kingdom Victorian age bold italic display type. It breaks from convention by employing a stenciled type of structure. The stencil design also is irregular and provides the font it is identifying feeling. Emblema One was created for display purposes and needs to be used from moderate to large dimensions. Emblema One font is designed by Riccardo De Franceschi. This modern display type font also available on Google fonts. You can also download this from our website too by clicking the below button.


Since it is also a Google font, Emblema One is also licensed under the Open Font License. You can also use this font for personal and commercial purposes. But you can not sell the Emblema One font by itself.

Code Font:

Code Font

About Code Font:

Code is a high-quality Sans Serif font that’s designed by Svetoslav Simov (Fontfabric) and can be readily available for free download private and industrial usage. The free version provides all uppercase and lowercase letters and a couple of special characters also. It inspired by the first sans serif fonts such as Avant Garde or Futura, but with a modern spin. Fontfabric font designers mentioned that Code font is appropriate for any kind of graphic design–net, print, motion pictures, etc.–and also ideal for t-shirts along with other things such as logos and posters. Cyrillic is encouraged. Thanks to Fontfabric for the demo version, just two styles. Code Font free for personal use only, please see his shop for additional products, and purchasing fonts encourage him. You can download the free version of this amazing modern font right from here for personal use.


The demo version that we are providing is only for personal use. For commercial license Contact: Fontfabric.

Batangas Font:

Batangas Font

About Batangas Font:

Batangas is a superior state of the Philippines located in the northwestern portion of Luzon from the CALABARZON area. It’s famous for its century-old churches, even a volcano in a lake, pristine shores and world-class diving areas, a powerful accent, and also the balisong. Batangas typeface was motivated by the powerful nature of the individuals of Batangas (Batangueños). That is evident from their own culture, customs, and symbols that are iconic. It’s a completely totally free daring and modern sans serif display font from Alfredo Marco Pradil. Batangas font supports 219 latin based languages which are spoken in different 212 countries. The premium version supports all the features and languages. We are providing the free version only.


Batangas — Free Font– may be utilized for both private and commercial purposes, on your own or on behalf of a customer, in their own, or as an element of work. For the premium version follow this link: Creative fonts.

Magz Font:

Magz Font

About Magz Font:

Magz is another free modern font. Magz Font is a Techno Sci-fi display font Made by Graphicfresh. This font is quite smooth and lovely to your own commercial work. This font intentionally created with the expectation of including a group of merchandise in your layout work. This font is appropriate to use in many different case designs, such as banner ads, t-shirt, logos, titles and etc.

You can follow the amazing work of Graphicfresh. They are doing great work.


We are providing the demo version of magz font. The Demo version is only for personal use. To buy the premium version of magz font click here.

Cubic Font:

Cubic Font

About Cubic Font:

Cubic is a customized made web font made by Svetoslav Simov for Fontfabric. This spatial geometric display typeface is appropriate for any sort of image design — net, print, or movement images. The cubic font is one of the custom screen fonts. It is also ideal for t-shirts and other things. We are providing the demo version of the Cubic font. You can download this free modern font right from here without wasting any of your time.


You have already known that we are providing the demo version of Cubic font. The Demo version is only for personal purposes. If you want to use this modern font for commercial purposes, you have to buy the pro version of this free unique font. You can buy the pro version of Cubic font from here: Fontfabric.

File Font:

File Font

About File Font:

The File font is a screen-type appropriate for any sort of image design — net, print, motion graphics, etc, and ideal for t-shirts along with other things such as logos, pictograms. This amazing modern screen-free font Was Made by Svetoslav Simov For Fontfabric. You may download this free font straight out of here for private and commercial usage. Special Thanks to Fontfabric foundry for this amazing free display modern font.


It is totally a free font. You can utilize this free modern font both for personal and commercial purposes. To download File font free, Hit the download button below.

Intro Font:

Intro Font

About Intro Font:

Designed by Miroslav Bekyarov for Fontfabric, Intro is a free geometric sans-serif typeface that has a modern feel. The font’s several variants provide it with the flexibility required to match up with any type of graphic layout and design barrier — net, print, motion graphics, etcetera. — also make it perfect for both t-shirts, posters, and logos.

Lately a large update shows of Intro font, including a few vital updates to this elegant modern sans serif font. Besides these completely revised weight knobs, the bundle brings two new weights and matching italics to get a total of 8 weights and 72 fonts inside 22 fonts added!


The free font is available both for personal and commercial use. But remember, The free version has the only style. To get the full family of Intro font clicks the link below. Intro Font Buy.

Kiona Font:

Kiona Font

About Kiona Font:

This font is now very popular because of the contemporary and geometric sans-serif typeface. Kinoa provides extensive language service and functions great in logos, branding, headlines, higher style. The various weights supply you with a complete selection to research a whole slew of programs, from a tech startup, neighborhood events to sports games. This font contains four styles/wights. But we are Supplying the demonstration version of this Kiona font that is the reason you will get just two styles.


As you already know that we are providing the demo version of this modern font so you can use the demonstration version of Kiona is only for personal use. To buy Kiona font for commercial purposes click the link below-

Buy Kiona Font.

Azonix Font:

Azonix Font Download

About Azonix Font:

Azonix Font comes in the sans-serif category designed by MixoFX. There are a lot of are on the internet such as this typeface. As stated by the designer’s claim, many fonts followed Azonix. The typeface is made of bold geometric upper case letters, numbers, and punctuation (symbols). Azonix font is favorable to use anywhere. For emblem layout, this is the best font I believe


Thanks very much to Mixo! , Azonix Font is totally free for private & business use.

Great Beast Font:

Great Beast Font

About Great Beast:

Great Beast is the best font for all your pleasure layouts. Great Beast was created by Jonathan S Harris. It is a script font. You may download this free font for important making functions. Like designing a logo, posters, banner ads, invitations, wedding occasion cards, creating novel covers, publishing things, magazine covers, etc.


This font is free for personal use only. For license or any information visit: JSHcreates.

Lot Font:

Lot Font

About Lot Font:

LOT font is a display typeface applicable for any sort of image design — net, print, motion graphics, etc, and ideal for t-shirts along with other things such as logos, pictograms. Produced and printed by Fontfabric foundry, Lot is just one of the most effective free contemporary fonts. You may download this font free from here with no trouble. With 72 character set, Manual Kerning, Tracking, It is one of the unique fonts on this list.


No worries! It is free for both personal and commercial purposes.

Big Jhon Pro:

Big Jhon Pro Font

About Big John Pro:

Big John — provides exquisite and intriguing typography stability for varied layouts! It was created and stocks from Ionyc Type. Big John PRO, is the logical growth of this Big John and Slim Joe font, so which you know well. Aside from the bold Big John, as well as the light Slim Joe, there’s a new moderate weight, Regular Jim. Besides this brand new medium-weight, today all of them contain lowercase letters too. And to top everything, today Big John PRO comprises over 500 diacritics characters, to be as helpful as possible for everybody.


Designer Quotes: BigJohn PRO is for everybody. Enjoy by sharing and using it, enjoying and following, by producing cool things with it, I’d really like to find out what you could do with this. . .BigJohn PRO is FREE for personal and business usage.


Sophia Font:

Sophia Font

About Sophia Font:

It is time to introduce you to our newest astonishing complimentary font Sophia, a hand-lettered script typeface created by the super-talented Emily Spadoni. Sophia is a youthful-looking, fairly font ideal for birthday invitations, t-shirts, and glasses. Designers Mats and Emily added some incentive decorations and whirl to make a few really attractive layouts. You can visit Emily’s shop by clicking here.


This amazing modern script typeface is free for any kind of purpose.

Viksi Font:

Viksi Font

About Viksi Font:

Viksi Script Calligraphy Font a high-quality Calligraphy font that’s designed by Khurasan and can be readily available for complimentary download. The free version provides all uppercase and lowercase letters along with a couple special characters too. This thick, fairly Scandinavian-style font looks fantastic on societal networking graphics and daring brand names. The designers in Pixelify even comprised multi-language additives for increased flexibility.


This font is also free for both personal and commercial purposes.

Vintage Modern Font:

Vintage modern font

About Vintage Modern Font:

Vintage modern is a sans-serif modern typeface designed by By Yandidesigns. It is a very much unique and attractive font. Vintage modern is perfect for branding purposes. You can create amazing logos, banners, posters, and many more. The vintage font family comes with three styles- Vintage smooth, Vintage modern, Vintage edge. In my opinion, this font family is the perfect choice for creative designers. Please be careful to use this font. We are providing the free version of this modern font that you can use only for your personal purposes.


Copyright by Yandi – YandiDesigns

The Free version of Vintage font is only for personal use. For commercial usage, you need to purchase a proper license from the author. To contact the author by mail at Or you can buy the font by clicking here.

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