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Sony is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in electronics, entertainment, and music. It has been a part of the consumer electronics industry since 1946. Sony is currently headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and is one of the leading innovators in various product categories, including video games, television, digital cameras, smartphones, and more. In 2008, Sony had been ranked as the 4th largest electronic company and the 7th most profitable company in the world with a net income of 2. Today we will figure out the Sony logo font. Also, you can download Sony font from here.

Sony’s logo is one of the most instantly identifiable and beloved in the world. Nonetheless, the Sony logo has undergone several changes during its existence. The current Sony logo is based on a basic logotype that was introduced in 1959. According to several branding experts, the logotype emphasizes simplicity and power.

What font does Sony use?

The Clarendon typeface is used in Sony’s logo, however it has been slightly modified. Thorowgood & Co. released Clarendon, a slab-serif typeface, in 1845. It was designed by  Robert Besley.

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There are five weights of the font available: light, roman, heavy, bold, and condensed styles. Generally, Clarendon designs have bracketed serifs that grow as they approach the letter’s main stroke. The Clarendon style became an instant success and was quickly replicated by other foundries, spawning a whole genre of type design. Clarendon typefaces quickly gained widespread popularity around the globe, particularly for display purposes such as wood-type posters.

Fonts Similar to Sony

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  • Sentinel.
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Font License

Sony is a free typeface for personal use. This collection is available through Adobe Fonts for both desktop and online usage (with unlimited pageviews). However, you may purchase the typeface for commercial use using the link below.⇓

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Sony Font Download Free

Sony Font Download


What Type of Font is Sony?

Clarendon, a slab-serif typeface, has been used on Sony’s logo for ages.

What type of font is Clarendon?

Clarendon is a slab serif typeface originally designed by Robert Besley in 1845.

Is Clarendon a good font?

Yes, Clarendon is a good font for display purposes such as wood-type posters.


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