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Coves is a geometric sans-serif font designed by Jack Harvatt. This free font features regular curves and is ideal for titles or logo design it also allows you to make your text readable and visible even in the smallest size. Coves is available in two font styles: Bold or Light. Every option includes the entire character range, as well as accents and non-English letters. Coves font features a minimalist and clean design with small details that enhance its beauty. All rounded letters have been designed on the basis of perfect circles. Non-curved letters are simple and clean. The font has an extra level of finesse thanks to the angled crossline for the letter “e”. Coves is simple, making it ideal for logos which are more interested in drawing attention to something else. Coves font download free now with a single click and enjoy it in your design.

Coves Font View

This typeface is still popular among designers and many of them continue to surprise their clients and customers with their designs. You could be one of them. Coves is a free font. But the free version is available only for personal purposes.

Usage Of Coves Font

Coves Font Usage
Coves Font Usage


This font is a stunning design tool that will appeal to those who want a perfect font with excellent legibility. Coves font works well in places that require elegant, premium, and luxury design such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and salons. It’s an excellent font for headings or logo design. Coves font can be used to write small text. It’s an all-purpose font.

Fonts Similar to Coves

Font Combination

Coves Font Combination

Virgo 01 + Coves

Good font pairings are vital for a great design. However, picking the right fonts may appear like a daunting black art for the majority of people. Today we will ask you to use one such font with Coves font which is Virgo 01. I’m hoping this combination of fonts can add another dimension to your style. To make it easier for you I am trying to give you a visual with the help of an image above.

Use Virgo 01 font for Headings. It is an ideal display font that is perfect font for heading & big text. For body text, Coves is the best choice. It makes your text easily read and noticeable even at the smallest size.

Font License

You can download the two font weights of this font including Coves Light and Coves Bold. These two fonts are free only for personal purposes. For commercial purposes, buy the font from the link below: ↓

Harvatt house

Coves Font Free Download

Coves Font Download



It is free for personal use only, not for commercial use.


Coves is a geometric sans-serif font designed by Jack Harvatt.


You can use every font downloaded from our website on the online platform, however, there is a request to read the license of the font before using.


By clicking our download button, you can easily download Coves Font.

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