Sans Serif Font
Sans Serif Font


In typography as well as lettering, a sans-serif, sans serif, gothic, or just sans letterform is one that does not have prolonging functions called “serifs” at the end of strokes. Sans-serif typefaces tend to have much less stroke size variant than serif fonts. They are commonly utilized to share simplicity and also modernity or minimalism. According to many researches, sans serif fonts are harder to read. Therefore, they are utilized most often for short message parts such as headings or inscriptions.

Nike Font

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Nike, Inc. is an American multinational company that is engaged in the design, development, production, and global promotion and sales of apparel, apparel, gear, accessories, and solutions. The business is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan region. It’s the world’s biggest provider of athletic apparel and shoes and also a significant producer of …

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15 Best Free Sans-Serif Fonts

15 best Free Sans-Serif Fonts For Designers

Sans serif fonts began growing slowly prior to the 18th century but were not used extensively. In 1816, William Caslon IV established a sans serif typeface known as Two Lines British Egyptian, which has been commissioned by a certain client. Sans serif typefaces are believed more contemporary than serif typefaces. They lack the strokes which …

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