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Selena Gomez’s Facebook Hacker Gets Sentenced For Jail

May 21, 2012 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Selena Gomez has gotten stalked by a 50-year-old mentally ill person and is now the victim again. Who knew one McDonald’s worker can be so devious?

Last year, if you looked at Selena Gomez’s Facebook page you can see that “she” wrote things like, “Justin Bieber is stupid.” The question on the table was that, “Why would Selena Gomez post such a stupid thing about her own boyfriend?” Well, she didn’t.

Gareth Crosskey is a McDonald’s worker who, I guess, was too bored with frying fries and making smoothies for people and wanted some enjoyment in his life. This Hacker of the Year ended his enjoyment foolishly after he posted a video of himself bragging about his great hacking skills.

Gareth admitted that he looked at Selena and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber’s private messages and her best friend, Demi Lovato’s private messages.

Maybe this guy is smart in hacking, but stupid in the area of keeping a secret to himself, let alone his own! What do you think? selena gomez justin bieber split may18 m Selena Gomezs Facebook Hacker Gets Sentenced For Jail