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Selena Gomez and the Scene Sued For $1 Million

April 27, 2012 by admin 

Selena Gomez has had a little bit of experience in court. She’s had a middle aged mentally ill stalker follow her around until a restraining order was organized. Now she is the defendant and not the plaintiff.

The Disney star was sued by the band, Luce, including Tom Luce, Brian Kroll, Matt Blackett, and Lawrence Riggs because of the tune of her hit song, A Year Without Rain, was very similar to Luce’s 2005 song, Buy a Dog. They were apparently so mad at the When the Sun Goes Down singer that they sued her for one million dollars.

Selena is not the only one being sued by Luce. Her band has been sued also because of their part in the pop song. Joey Clement, Dane Forrest, Drew Taubenfeld, and Selena Gomez are all officially defendants of this case.

Do you think Luce or Selena is right about the two song’s similarities?

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