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Justin Bieber Causes Emotional Pain For Indonesian Fans

April 26, 2012 by admin 

18-year-old Justin Bieber is the kind of guy you would find volunteering at a blood drive or a charity event. He is not only a talented singer, but he also almost always never breaks people’s hearts. But he broke over 240 million people’s hearts this week.

Wow, the Boyfriend singer has done it this time. What Justin called Indonesia was definitely not true. It is a very large south Asian country that is super popular. His name of the country, “random country” was certainly inaccurate.

While Justin was in London to premiere his third brand new album, Believe, he mocked the Indonesian accent and insulted Indonesia. Even though he recorded a new track for Believe in INDONESIA, he said at the London promotion event that it was a random country. Name please, Justin?

The Twitter account Bieber Indonesia’s creator doesn’t think this was a problem, that her country was called just another country (basically) by a world famous pop star.

Do you think Justin should apologize to his fans or forget about them and move on to another country? Justin Bieber Causes Emotional Pain For Indonesian Fans


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