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Is Selena Gomez Working On A New Album?

April 24, 2012 by admin 

Selena Gomez is on track this 2012 year. She has just wrapped up filming her new movie, Spring Breakers and is now filming a thriller called Aftershock. Her spring clothes for her fashion line, Dream Out Loud, are getting off the racks at Kmart quickly. She is not just a great actress and fashion designer, but a heartfelt person, too. She owns six rescue dogs and the ambassador of UNICEF.

It’s hard to think what else can she do with her busy schedule as a 19-year-old girl? There’s one more thing that she is doing this year. While her closest friends, Justin Bieber (actually her boyfriend) and Demi Lovato are working on music, she is left hanging in the music world. Not for long.

Selena has just announced that she is working on her fourth album. Apparently, this is a special album because this is her first Spanish language album! She is going to be connecting with her roots more this year. She claims she has not been speaking Spanish fluently lately because of her attending school.

Will you buy Selena’s new album? Or dump it and move on to her boyfriend’s upcoming album, Believe?220px Selena Gomez When the Sun Goes Down Is Selena Gomez Working On A New Album?


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