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Demi Lovato Almosts Puts Paul McCartney In Hospital

April 10, 2012 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Demi+Lovato+Demi+Lovato+Leaves+ITV+Daybreak+9ZVTQ0t4kAZl Demi Lovato Almosts Puts Paul McCartney In HospitalWhen you think about it, it’s more possible to almost run over the insect beetle with your car, than almost running over a Beatle (one of the music legends) with your car. Well, Demi Lovato accidentally picked the second choice. It’s not everyday that a celebrity almost runs over another celebrity. But these are one of those days.

Demi was innocently driving in her car trying to park in a parking space. There was one problem though: a group of men were in the middle of the parking space. With quick wit, Demi pumped the brake in a nanosecond.

Now, that’s what I call an eventful day. The 19-year-old “Give Your Heart A Break” singer tweeted about the parking space problem:

“When one of the guys turned around, it was a Beatle!” she tweeted. “Yes, you heard me! Sir Paul McCartney! He was so sweet! Can’t believe I met him today. Wow!” she added after the funny tweet. “I can’t believe I almost ran over a Beatle.”

Will you buy Demi’s next album she is working on right now?