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Demi Lovato Working On 4th Album

April 8, 2012 by admin 

demi lovato 78950fd5cb840e418d30b8c803aaedc3 Demi Lovato Working On 4th AlbumDemi Lovato has worked on songs that are absolutely hands-down amazing. Skyscraper was emotional, but had a great beat to it. Fix a Heart couldn’t be anymore of a tear-jerker than it already is. And her other old, but cool songs like Get Back and Don’t Forget were super awesome, too. After all these hits, what will the former Sonny With A Chance star put on the table next.

On Twitter, Demi tweeted the exciting news that she is going to begin working on her new album. She also made her tweet more juicy by adding a comment saying, ” This time there’s NO turning back.”

When I read this tweet, I was shocked. Unbroken was no holding back (adding emphasis to the songs Fix a Heart and Skyscraper)? I thought Unbroken would be the most emotional and non-holding back album ever. While other stars were writing about parties, boyfriends, and things that are basically pointless, she was writing from the depths of her heart about her journey.

Anyway, do you think that Demi Lovato will do more rock or pop in her songs? R&B or soul?

Will you buy Demi’s fourth album?


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