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Justin Bieber Releases Teaser For ‘Boyfriend’ Music Video

April 3, 2012 by admin 

Justin Bieber has had songs like Baby and One Less Lonely Girl that made girls drool over their posters of him. Personally, Justin Bieber is not the guy that makes me drool and I am not a big fan of his music.

Before the Justin Bieber fans protest, I would love to say that his new song, Boyfriend, is a real game-changer for me. Even though the word ‘swaggie’ is included in the song, his song is catchy and quite the party-worthy song to play.

Anyway, this amazing song is now #1 on iTunes, next to Call Me Maybe by Carly Jae Jepsen and What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. This song has been so good to Justin Bieber’s career as a singer, I guess he has decided to drop a music video for us to watch. I think this video preview (it is in a small box that has a YouTube video in it) is good for everybody. The edgier, the Justin Bieber fans (of course) and the people who simply fall into the Other category.

Do you like Justin Bieber’s teaser for his music video? Or do you think it should be thrown in the garbage like all the other rejected music videos?




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