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Justin Bieber and Drake Recording Song For ‘Believe’ Album

February 9, 2012 by admin 

17-year-old Under the Mistletoe performer Justin Bieber is making it really hard not to say that he is not working hard on his songs anymore. Justin has announced in January that he is working on a new album called Believe. And he is working hard to know for sure that he will be an album best-selling artist.

Even though Justin is a rich and famous pop star who is one of the richest celebrities in the world, he probably thinks he needs help to “raise the scores” for his upcoming album.

Today, news broke out that Teen Choice Award-winning rap artist named Drake will collaborate with Baby singer Justin Bieber on his Believe album. Earlier this February month, there was a spreading story about Kesha PROBABLY doing a duet with Justin Bieber on the album, too. Since Kesha is working on her own rock-and-roll album, this is probably just a rumor that is yet to be ended.

Will you buy the upcoming album, Believe? Or will you diss that album and get another one? Justin Bieber and Drake Recording Song For Believe Album


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