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MTV Documentary on Demi Lovato Coming Soon

February 27, 2012 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Anyone who knows Demi Lovato, knows that she is very famous. She was mostly popular because of her hit songs and role in the hit Disney show, Sonny With A Chance, but there is one thing that this Disney princess was REALLY famous for.

Years ago, pictures leaked onto the Internet with Demi Lovato posing but carelessly not noticing that she was showing off her cutting cuts on her wrist. That year, the Unbroken performer confessed she had been cutting. Plus, she had two major disorder, eating and bipolar. She’s so serious about her eating disorder that she made Disney Channel ban playing two certain episodes of Shake It Up and So Random!.

To document her powerful, emotional, and adventurous journey, MTV is documenting Demi’s life during this adventure and  is obviously named, Stay Strong. With super private moments and details about her singing career, this documentary movie is to be a must-see. This will be airing  late at night at 10:00pm ET/PT on Tuesday, March 6. From serious moments to LOL awesomeness, this movie is for everybody.

Will you see Stay Stronger or ditch it for the Biggest Loser?

demi lovato peopleschoice2012 1 635x979 MTV Documentary on Demi Lovato Coming Soon

Selena Gomez Suffers Another Wardrobe Malfunction

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Anyone who knows Selena Gomez, knows that she has had her share of wardrobe malfunctions. Nobody could forget the time when she showed off her boy short Spanx at her concert two years ago. And everybody remembers the time when at the 2011 Jingle Ball she inadvertently had her white sequined dress go up and show her underwear. Many times, she has had wardrobe malfunctions, but this may be the worst.

During a nice day at the beach yesterday, Selena Gomez had a lovely date with her famous boyfriend, Justin Bieber- and his family. As we know, the former Wizards of Waverly Place star had a clothes mishap when she was being kind to one of Justin’s little siblings by helping one of them get up when they fell.

Well, we all know sometimes when you be nice to somebody it is a price. During when Selena helped the little kid get up, her skirt flew up and guess what?- showed her underwear!

For someone so the Three C’s (cool, calm, and collected) she has lots of wardrobe malfunction. Well, the 2012 year has just started and there is ten more months till 2013 so don’t be surprised if you see more than one wardrobe malfunction from Selena Gomez this year.selena gomez 2012 Selena Gomez Suffers Another Wardrobe Malfunction

Selena Gomez & The Scene Go Their Seperate Ways

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Anybody who is a Selena Gomez fan should know she has a band. Who hasn’t heard of the rocking foursome? Selena Gomez established a band named Selena Gomez & The Scene in 2008 in Hollywood, California. The band consists of Selena Gomez and a drummist named Greg Garman, a bassist named Joey Clement, a keyboardist named Dane Forrest, and a guitarist named Ethan Roberts.

Selena Gomez & The Scene have been blooming with fame for four years. The band has won three awards including Choice Music: Love Song (Love You Like A Love Song). Together the four have made three albums, seven singles, and seven music videos and have just ended an amazing South American tour.

Even though very popular,  Selena has decided should go hiatus for awhile. This means they are going on a break for a little while. The former Wizards of Waverly Place star had announced that the band would go their separate ways for a brief time on Facebook.

Selena Gomez & The Scene is on hiatus because Selena wants to focus on filming and acting. Since she is working on starring in movies like Aftershock, Hot Mess, and Spring Breakers that is a smart choice.

Do you think she should continue singing with the band or to act in movies?selena gomez 010512 310x300 Selena Gomez & The Scene Go Their Seperate Ways

Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Punches Paparazzi Man At LAX

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Let’s face it. Justin Bieber is one of the richest teens in the world all thanks to his lovely voice and cool dance moves. Since he is so famous, there is not one hour he isn’t with the paparazzi. The day of his stardom birth was like the day paparazzi had more money. More celebrities= more gossip and more gossip= more paparazzi.

Yesterday, Justin was at LAX departing from Los Angeles at Terminal 4 at 2:15. He was there to pick up some family members, but one thing he wasn’t surprised at was the paparazzi following him at the famous airport. The Under the Mistletoe singer and his unnamed bodyguard refused the lights of the camera and the nonstop talking from the paparazzi, but they were stubborn as a donkey to do so. One particular was a major donkey, if you know what I mean.

At the terminal, a twenty-one-year-old photographer was taking pictures of the pop star nonstop no matter what. Finally,  the bodyguard lost his temper and they had a scuffle which lead the bodyguard to punch him straight in the face. Later, the photographer was arrested for pre-booking procedures.

Do you think the photographer was innocent? Or do you think he should have looked for another celebrity at the airport once the Baby performer and his bodyguard told him to layoff?

Selena Gomez Replaces Miley Cyrus For Role In Animated Movie

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The Disney princesses are showing off their artistic aptitude. Demi has announced that she  is on tour in South America, Miley is acting in a movie called LOL about a teenage girl (who she’ll be playing), and Selena Gomez has given her movie career a serious boost with now another movie role in an upcoming this year movie.

Last year in November, online was blasting with news about Miley being in a brand new animated movie called Hotel Transylvania with funnyman Adam Sandler and Grammy-winning Cee Lo Green. Now that is untrue as Selena is getting ready for the role as Adam Sandler’s on-screen 118-year-old vampire daughter.

In Hotel Transylvania, Dracula (Adam Sandler) invites a whole bunch of famous monsters to his five-star hotel to celebrate his bloodsucking daughter, Mavis’  118th birthday. The only problem is a traveler (who is around Mavis’ age; Andy Samberg) comes and Dracula will do anything to stop his daughter (Gomez) to not fall in love with him.

An all-star cast is featured in the movie. Fran Drescher is Frankenstein’s bride and Kevin James as Frank the Frankenstein. Plus, David Spade acts as an Invisible Man.

 Selena Gomez Replaces Miley Cyrus For Role In Animated Movie

Justin Bieber and Drake Recording Song For ‘Believe’ Album

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17-year-old Under the Mistletoe performer Justin Bieber is making it really hard not to say that he is not working hard on his songs anymore. Justin has announced in January that he is working on a new album called Believe. And he is working hard to know for sure that he will be an album best-selling artist.

Even though Justin is a rich and famous pop star who is one of the richest celebrities in the world, he probably thinks he needs help to “raise the scores” for his upcoming album.

Today, news broke out that Teen Choice Award-winning rap artist named Drake will collaborate with Baby singer Justin Bieber on his Believe album. Earlier this February month, there was a spreading story about Kesha PROBABLY doing a duet with Justin Bieber on the album, too. Since Kesha is working on her own rock-and-roll album, this is probably just a rumor that is yet to be ended.

Will you buy the upcoming album, Believe? Or will you diss that album and get another one? Justin Bieber and Drake Recording Song For Believe Album

Selena Gomez To Star In New Movie ‘Aftershock’

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Selena Gomez has starred in lots of movies, but these years (2011-2013) she is starring in 6 movies! In 2011, she starred in Monte Carlo and The Muppets. This new year, there has been news of her about to film Thirteen Reasons Why and Hot Mess. Next year, she will be starring in Spring Breakers as a college-aged robber with Ashley Benson and James Franco alongside her.

You will find Selena in lots of movies this year and the upcoming years. In the latest news, Selena announced that she will be starring in the new movie, Aftershock. She is perfect for the role since she is Hispanic and the movie is about a natural disaster in the South American country, Chile.

Aftershock is about an earthquake on a tiny Chile island. This island happens to have an asylum where many patients are killers there and the patients are set free after the earthquake.

Selena signed the contract for starring in Aftershock after her concert. It is not confirmed, but she may just have simple cameo.

Selena is a good girl who never really is a bad girl in movies. Do you think she should star in this thriller?

Miley Cyrus Breaks Her Tailbone…. On A Couch?

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Let’s face it. When we were younger, we put our little feet on the couch and pretended we were Superman or Wonderwoman by jumping off the couch. It was fun, but our mothers knew that you can break something. You could break your neck, fracture your foot, or even break your tailbone.

This is a lesson for all kids to not jump off the couch?

19-year-old Miley Cyrus has broken one of the most embarrassing bones to break- the tailbone. Basically in common terms, that’s your butt. The Climb performer decided to do a front flip on her couch. After all, it is not the smartest choice to do a gymnastic move on a piece of furniture (especially for a young adult!).

Don’t worry Miley Cyrus fans. Her injury wasn’t that serious, but she did have to go to the hospital. Her tweet proves that she is still socially active in a hospital bed:

Cracked my tail bone doing a front flip… on to the couch, Thats like when i tripped over a pillow and broke my arm. #onlyme
Have you cracked your tailbone on a piece of furniture?


Ashley Benson: Pretty Little Liars Actress Becomes A Spring Breaker

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Since she is a famous celebrity, Ashley has traveled a lot in her lifetime. From Los Angeles to Acapulco to Puerto Rico, she’s lived her traveling lifestyle already. Besides real life, she has been in different settings of stories. In Pretty Little Liars, she lives in the small town of Rosewood and in Miami on the hit drama series, CSI. Now she has a new setting challenge to take on in the new upcoming movie, Spring Breakers.

Last year, Selena Gomez announced that she will be starring in the brand new movie, Spring Breakers. Besides the former Wizards of Waverly Place star, Ashley Benson will be in the movie replacing the young Unfabulous star, Emma Roberts. The fourth girl in the movie is still trying to be discovered by the producers.

Spring Breakers is about four college students who try to pay for their spring break vacation by robbing a restaurant, but they get caught red-handed. A dealer bails them out (James Franco), but the four girls have to do the dealer’s dirty work.

Will you go see Spring Breakers?