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Demi Lovato Writes Her First Ever Country Song

December 30, 2011 by admin 

Demi Lovato has done different characters in television shows and movies. She has played a dumb girl in an episode of the short-lived Nickelodeon show, Just Jordan. Her girly side was found in the Disney Channel original movie, Princess Protection Program. The beautiful voice of Demi’s was discovered in the hit movies, Camp Rock 1 and 2.

She has expressed herself in music. Her latest album came out on September 20 and has become a bestseller with popular songs like Who’s That Boy and Skyscraper.

Her need for discovery led her to changing hairstyle all the time. She recently tweeted a photo of her with long red hair. From black to brown to red, Demi has changed dramatically over the years.

And it is not surprising that Demi has changed her music. It was just revealed that she has written a country song. Born a Texan, her Texas soul has been hidden and has been covered with pop, rock, and R&B songs. I guess she decided it is time to make a splash into a pool of difference again.

The song title has not been revealed, but there is a little proof that she has written a country song. She tweeted: Wrote my first country song today.

Do you think Demi should enter the country music world or stick with her original pop, rock, and R&B style that has fans listening to her everyday?450px DemiLovatoSep10 2 Demi Lovato Writes Her First Ever Country Song


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