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‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1′ Maybe Causing Seizures

November 26, 2011 by admin 

The movies of the Twilight series started in 2008, where fans loved the movies dearly. Some fans believe that there is no such thing as vampires and werewolves and that it is just a myth and just want to see this movie for fun. Other than believing in vampires and werewolves, fans and even non-fans believe one scene in the new Breaking Dawn movie may be causing seizures.

Innocent fans line up to see the new movie of the Twilight saga, ready to see mythical drama. They walk in the movie theater to see some of their fave stars on the big screen like Taylor Lautner. Wat the fans don’t know is that this is not just a famous movie, but  a health problem.

After the birth scene with many colors, fans claim they had seizures. Black, red, and wite strobes were flashing on the screen with Robert Pattinson. I wanted to see this movie, but I don’ think I’ll be seeing it soon, since the movie has become a major health problem.


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