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Lady Gaga Fans Bully Adele About Weight

November 15, 2011 by admin 

As Demi Lovato and Miley fight back at critics for their weight, Adele has the exact same weight issue.

Fans of Lady Gaga have taken advantage of the Internet to bully soul star, Adele . The two women are up to become the bestselling artist in the world.

The Britian have won over the American this time and Adele has officially sold 1 in 10 records this year.

Lady Gaga’s little monsters have attacked Adele by making terrible remarks at Adele for her weight. A video of a singer is on the web which is an overweight remake of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. “I’m bootyful in my own way because Arby’s makes nooo mistakes, I’ve got the right order, baby, I was born this weight”.

The attacking got worse after Adele canceled her concerts after vocal chord problems and the Lady Gaga fans wrote via Twitter and Facebook that she faked that and couldn’t sell enough tickets to sing in perofrmance.

Lady Gaga and Adele mostly perform to sell-out audiences.

Lady’s Gaga’s executive has spoken out about how his or her boss has a policy against bullying someone over their physical appearance.

Adele’s newest album, 21, has been America’s top five after almost 40 weeks on the billboard chart.

But, Lady Gaga’s album Born This Way has not been in the Top 40 after only exactly 24 weeks.


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