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Miley Cyrus To Voice A Vampire In New Movie

November 5, 2011 by admin 

A new animated film is going to premiere theateres next year September and one of the Disney Princesses, Miley Cyrus, is going to voice one of the creepy animated characters in Hotel Transylvania.

Miley will be voicing a vampire teenage daughter of Dracula named Mavis. Adam Sandler will be Dracula, who owns Hotel Transylvania as a way to protect Mavis from normal teenage stuff.

Some of the Grown Ups cast is going to reunite as David Spade is going to play the Invisible Man and Kevin James is going to play Frank-enstein.

Its too bad Chris Rock isn’t there to join the monstrous cast, but award-winning singer-songwriter, Cee-Lo Green is going to play Murray the Mummy.

Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon will play two werewolves named Wayne and Wanda and the only animated human will be Andy Samberg, who is supposed to mess up the whole non-human hotel.

Are you going to go see Hotel Transylvania?


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