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Robert Pattinson Is Disappointed With The Last Scene of Breaking Dawn: Part 2

October 3, 2011 by admin 

Did Robert’s efforts into Twilight go down the drain? Robert Pattinson, a 3-year member of the Twilight saga, was disappointed when he finished the last scene of Breaking Dawn. The Britain, known as Edward on Twilight, thought he was getting at least a little excitement when the movie was finished, but instead got nothing exciting .

Robert spent three, solid years into the beloved mythical creature,popular movie. Pattinson spoiled that the last scene wrapped up with just wolves, which was such an anti-climax for him.

Usually at the end of filming work, everyone claps, but no one clapped for this movie.

But, Robert should thank the Twilight saga movies . After all he met his current girlfriend, Kristen Stewart on the set of Twilight when she played Bella and he played Edward. And he is mostly known for being on Twilight and that tripled his fame.

Be grateful, Robby!


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