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Justin Bieber’s “Someday” Fragrance Now Avaible

June 20, 2011 by admin 

“Someday” is Today Released!

Justin Bieber is a dancer, singer, songwriter, dog tag seller, award winner, and- what is next for Justin as his career is still blooming and has just begun. If dog tags made you happy maybe his new fragrance, “Someday” will bring your attention! The new fragrance looks like water, but it certainly smells way better than plain, old water!

Put Justin and a huge idea for a new fragrance and you have something huge and wonderfully smelling!

The Marc Jacobs Situation

Some people are familiar with Marc Jacobs and some people are not. Everyone bets Justin Bieber knows since he walks the streets of fashion places since he lives in Hollywood. Marc Jacobs is adored by a lot of girls in the world, especially in Beverly Hills. The girls aren’t just in love with his jewelry, but his perfumes are amazing to them! And those same girls noticed that one of the fragrance designs of Marc Jacobs were similiar to Justin’s.

SomedayJustinBieber Justin Biebers Someday Fragrance Now Avaible

The Someday Box and Perfume Bottle Design

Facebook users, Twitter followers, and Myspace users ranted on about this similarities. Marc even considered to sue the pop star teen, but decided not to. Isn’t Marc so sweet?


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