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Jennette McCurdy Expresses On Internet Her Feelings About Her Mother’s Cancer

June 12, 2011 by admin · 1 Comment 

Early in the morning of June 11th, before the world premiere of iParty With Victorious, Jennette McCurdy, better known as the dirty blond on the hit Dan Schneider show, iCarly wrote an article off-screen her feelings on the website for Wall Street Journal about her mother’s type of cancer, Stage IV mammary ductal cell carcinoma, also known as breast cancer.

Jennette’s emotions got serious when she found out in March 1995, when Jennette was only about two or three years old, that her mom had a cancer no woman wants: breast cancer. Jennette probably praised the Lord when the doctors said that her mom, Debra would die the next day and then the next day she was alive.

Debra was a cancer survivor, but after fifteen years, she wasn’t. In February 2010, she got breast cancer again. Jennette McCurdy and her mother and her brothers are now dealing with brain and breast cancer, the cancer that occured a few weeks ago into her brain.