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Miley Cyrus To Duet With Her Brother

June 2, 2011 by admin · Leave a Comment 

How lovely! Hannah Montana Forever’s television starlet, Miley Cyrus, is not only a well-known movie and television actress, but she also is a singer-songwriter who has plenty of brothers and sisters with very brilliant singing voices, especially Trace Cyrus. Tracy used to sing in the famous band, Metro Station, but they broke up and he is currently in an unknown band, Ashland High.

Trace is not that known compared to his sister, Miley, but he is probably going to be the main 22-year-old heartthrob of Miley’s fans when he is going to duet with his little sister this summer. But the real shocker is that his and her collaboration is not going to be featured in Miley’s album, but Ashland High’s.

According to Tracemiley cyrus and trace cyrus Miley Cyrus To Duet With Her Brother and Miley’s recent tweets, this song is probably going to crazy and unexpected from Miley. The anger in Miley’s voice in the upcoming song is probably going to release the rage on Twitter for not putting the tweets on her Twitter page.

Did Justin Bieber Copy Marc Jacobs Perfume Design?

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Marc Jacobs is a fashion and perfume designer making women and men across the country. Did I mention he was a busy man who doesn’t have time to bother to deal with teenage boys? He surely had time for this one. But he is not just an ordinary boy, he is Justin Bieber.

Marc had trouble with Justin Bieber yesterday and today as people started to talk about Justin Bieber’s design of his new perfume bottle, Someday, it is called. It was so unique and creative , but also the same design of one of Marc Jacobs’ Lola fragrances, part of his famous, sweet-smelling perfume collection.

The design has pretty, overlapping pink and red hearts on the bottle with the perfume left looking like cheap water with an awesome scent. But the fans are familiar with Marc Jacobs and confronted the design immediately. Marc even one time considered suing the 17-year-old Canadian pop singer, part of the suing situation was that he kept on receiving Google alerts talking about the perfume similarities.

Luckily, Marc changed his mind. What teenage boy wants to get sued at the age of seventeen!?!  Did Justin Bieber Copy Marc Jacobs Perfume Design?justin biebers someday perfume looks a little familiar Did Justin Bieber Copy Marc Jacobs Perfume Design?

Selena Gomez Fans Send Death Threats To Justin Bieber

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Is it opposite day or is it just me? In the middle of March, one of the most likeable Disney princesses, Selena Gomez and Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber confirmed that they are dating, then the rage among the fans went crazy. Death threats were sent to the Wizards of Waverly Place’s Selena Gomez and she was hated by Justin Bieber fans.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber maybe lovebirds, but the fans aren’t loving them being together. May even end up breaking up with the cussing tweets and crazy fans that want Selena to be their girlfriend or even crazier, a wife. Here’s a tweet:

“I really want to kill bieber cuz he stole my girl and thats not rite,” some guy tweeted.

Well “some guy” you need to chill. Selena isn’t your “girl”. She probably doesn’t know you exist in this world. Other Selena Gomez fans who is also on Twitter had comments just like that. Wow.story about justin bieber selena gomez santa monica pier Selena Gomez Fans Send Death Threats To Justin Bieber