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Miley Cyrus Not a Big Fan of Rebecca Black

March 31, 2011 by admin 

Hannah Montana made her popular, The Last Song made her more popular, and her songs are great (well, to some people……), but doesn’t mean she has to slam overnight YouTube sensation, Rebecca Black.
Rebecca Black got millions of views from her song, “Friday”, but most people thought it was pretty horrible, but I guess it was so bad it was seen by tons of viewers!

Miley doesn’t have to slam Rebecca down like that. Miley thinks that it takes more to be a “true artist.” Give the girl a break, Miley!

The only thing that Miley and Rebecca have in common is having people NOT like them, but of course, that’s Hollywood for you. Some people like you as a celebrity, (actress, singer, etc.) and some people hate you as a person and/or a celebrity.

Rebecca Black March25news Miley Cyrus Not a Big Fan of Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black Probably Insulted by Miley's Stupid Comments

miley cyrus 2 Miley Cyrus Not a Big Fan of Rebecca Black

Miley Cyrus Slams Down Rebecca Black

Anyway, all I’m saying is to quit slamming Rebecca when people hate you, Miley. Maybe just maybe, Miley has tinsy bit of jealous for Rebecca Black.


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