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Justin Bieber’s Two Crazed Fans Sneak Into His Hotel Room!!!

March 14, 2011 by admin 

About six months ago, you probably wanted to be Justin Bieber, but now if you were in his shoes, you rather want to be an infamous loser. Justin’s hotel room was trashed by two teenage girls who disguised themselves as house cleaners and sneaked into Justin’s room like there isn’t such a thing as PRIVACY. Just because you are Justin Bieber’s fans, doesn’t mean you can dress as housekeepers and trash it with their crazed pop star germs.

Through the side entrance of Liverpool’s hotel and “borrowed” two maid outfits. Ditching their normal clothes, they slipped into their new housekeeping outfits and knocked on Justin’s hotel door saying the famous housecleaner word ‘Housekeeping’ therefore gaining access to the pop star’s room. Doing their job, the teenager crazed fans swept, dust, and polished everything there is in the room. After Justin left his room for the faids (fake maids) to cleaning his room, the girls took pictures with their camera phones of the Canadian’s personal stuff. One of Justin’s entourage heard the laughter from Justin’s room and catched them in the act. The teen girls were evicted after getting a real good lecture for not only looking at his personal possesions, but for also being in Justin’s bed.

justin bieber2 Justin Biebers Two Crazed Fans Sneak Into His Hotel Room!!!

Teen Crazed Fans Look At Justin Bieber's Personal Possessions

Drama is stirring up for Justin Bieber!


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