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Justin Bieber vs. Twilight : Fans Reveal Answers

July 2, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

In the Top 10 Most Discussed Celebrity topics on the Internet these days are Justin Bieber and also the Top 10 Most Discussed Celebrity topics, Twilight series. In fact, fans are Justin Bieber Twilight fans. On one of America’s Hollywood show asked the Twilight Justin Bieber fans which they prefer. Since the topic came up at a Bieber concert, most of the confident ones voted for Twilight and the others voted for Justin.

As it always has been, Bieber’s hair was the one that attracted the ladies, most them reasoned that Justin’s hair was the reason they like Twilight more. Another reason many gave for choosing Bieber over the Twilight stars was his voice.

Everyone knows Bieber has a very, very beautiful voice. His voice took him from a 15-year-old into a teen cutie sensation overnight. Another reason won over the Twilight people is because his voice was amazing and Taylor and Robert do not sing.

Will never know if Twilight and its vampires and werewolves are the best or Justin Bieber gets all the fans when it comes to his songs.