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iFight Shelby Marx

July 13, 2009 by admin 

Will Carly Shay kick some butt on iFight Shelby Marx or will she crash and burn? This August Carly Shay and this mixed martial arts girl named Shelby Marx are going to wrestle in this new Season 2 Episode 17 premiere of this exciting event. Here is some comments from Yahoo comments about Shelby Marx:

Why didn’t iFight Shelby Marx, the new icarly episode air last night?

i thought ifight shelby marx was supposed to air June 6 which was yesterday, and i have only seen the commercial one time. i know that there was something different last night which was ismell trouble night. if the new episode didn’t air last night, when will it?
I know I’ve seen it once, and i was waiting for it to air tonight but it didn’t. maybe Nick extended the air date.
don’t know why though.
Will the nice and pretty girl Carly Shay win or will the tough and beautiful Shelby Marx win? Find out in August only on Nick.

icarly fight shelby marx iFight Shelby Marx


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